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How can satellite imagery be used for mineral exploration. Together, they can be used to provide field teams with information about roads, boundaries, and inhabited areas. Mapping minerals with satellite imagery gis lounge. In this sense, mineral exploration and development represent a variety of activities that collect information necessary to identify mineral deposits and then evaluate whether they should developed into mines. Method of operation remote sensing methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated and valuable in mineral. Remote sensing and mineral exploration 1st edition. Two papers on the use of hyperspectral airbornesatellite imagery in mineral exploration. Satellite imagery and elevation data were processed in order to provide new digital images for geological interpretation.

Mineral exploration and development are informationgathering activities. Pdf remote sensing technology for exploration of mineral. Economic geologyan invited commentary on journal papers reprint from seg newsletter, no. Landsat thematic mapper tm satellite images are widely used to interpret both structure and hydrothermal alteration. Although some early space experiments explored the use of large orbiting satellites as passive reflectors of signals from point to point on earth, most work in the late 1950s and early 60s focused on the technology by which a signal sent from the ground would be received by satellite, electronically processed, and relayed. In part 2 ill explain how to prepare an enhanced colour image by combining individual bands into one file. Sudan integration project and was initially assisted by the undp. Recent advances in the use of public domain satellite. Today we can obtain imagery from a wide variety of satellite systems like landsat, worldview, spot, rapideye and eros, amongst others. It is an intensive, organized and professional form of mineral prospecting. When combined with field mapping and geophysics it becomes a very efficient way to gain geological understanding.

Conference paper pdf available july 2017 with 2,589 reads how we measure reads. The highresolution imagery successfully mapped the chromite outcrop with extreme accuracy, allowing the project to be completed successfully. Diamond exploration studies were carried out in parts of madhya pradesh to provide inputs to identify kimberlite or suitable geological setup for. Pdf how can satellite imagery be used for mineral exploration in. Satellite systems have long been used to investigate mineral deposits. Pdf role of remote sensing applications in mineral. Two papers on the use of hyperspectral airbornesatellite.

Charlotte bishop from cggs npa satellite mapping presented this webinar on geological exploration combining. Large sets of ground survey data are also stored in digital form. The design and implementation of exploration programmes. Interestingly, this is one of the new frontiers for oil, gas and mineral exploration. Explain how the sensors in landsat satellite detect wavelengths of energy. The work was undertaken to provide a basis for detailed planning and execution of a regional mineral exploration programme that is being conducted by the egypt. Satellite imagery is vital for early exploration and is typically one of the first data types. Known drill results can be integrated with topographic maps, air photos, structural maps and ore. Pdf the hokuroku district, northern japan, is globally recognized for rich ore deposits kuroko and vein types, which have been thoroughly. Arie naftali hawu hede1, katsuaki koike2, koki kashiwaya2. Handbook of frequency allocations and spectrum protection for scientific uses.

Satellite images processed for extracting geological features like faults, folds, and fracture zones and topographic ridges and drainage segments and lineaments. The first continentalscale mineral maps generated from an. Satellite data is extensively used in geological mapping in general and for exploration of diamond and iron deposits, in particular, on behalf of national mineral development corporation nmdc. Application of remote sensing techniques in identification. Exploration activities department for energy and mining. Satellite image analysis to detect mineral occurrences in areas with. Geologic lineaments are important for mineral exploration as they are the potential locations for hosting ore bodies that are deposited by ascending hydrothermal fluids. This paper describes the main geological and mineral exploration results and the interpretability of the satellite. Mineral exploration is the process of finding ore or mineral deposits in commercially viable concentrations. Developing software to interpret high resolution data. Remote sensing and mineral exploration contains the proceedings of the international workshop on remote sensing and mineral exploration, held in bangalore, india in june 1979. Mineral explorers also called prospectors often use planes or helicopters to view large areas efficiently.

Application satellite image in mineral exploration. Remote sensing for mineral exploration sciencedirect. Recent advances in the use of public domain satellite imagery for mineral exploration. In part 1 of this blog i highlighted the science and technology of using satellite images for mineral exploration, using free landsat 8 imagery to illustrate some useful display methods. List the application of remote sensing method in geological exploration studies. The data contained in a satellite image is much the same as a typical digital photograph, and its perfectly valid to prepare the scene in a photo editing application. Definition mineral exploration is the process of finding ore to mine. National academies of sciences, engineering, and medicine. In keeping with part 1 and part 2 of this blog ill concentrate on using free software to process landsat 8 imagery.

Benefits of satellite imagery in mineral exploration. It is very successful and has important role in recognized hydrothermally alteration and detected. Article pdf available in geochemistry geophysics geosystems january. Some of these data are gathered routinely from satellite and airborne sensors in a digital form. Aeromagnetic surveys, satellite photos, air photos and detailed maps help prospectors identify mineralization. Remote sensing images are used for mineral exploration in two applications. Lehmann family fund mineral exploration documents indexed and made available by minnesota dnrs lands and minerals division. Area selection area selection is the most crucial part of mineral exploration. With the ability to determine texture and petrology from miles above the ground, locating, analyzing, identifying and mapping the composition.

Sanjeevi 2008 states that due to the synoptic coverage. M21 general specifications for construction and backfilling of mineral exploration drillholes download. Minerals free fulltext remote sensing for mineral exploration in. Article pdf available in geochemistry geophysics geosystems january 2017 with 749 reads how we measure reads. Introduction to remote sensing in mineral exploration. Spatial data integration for mineral exploration, resource. Launched in december 1999 aboard the terra satellite, aster is the result of a cooperative effort. The compendium is comprised of papers presented at the workshop and reflects the state of remote sensing in the field of geology and exploration for mineral and energy. Io from a wide range of formats if you dont have the adobe reader, you can download it for free here. Satellite imagery and aerial photography have proven to be important tools in support of mineral exploration projects.

Mapping of bauxite mineral deposits in the northern region. Satellite remote sensing is a complementary technology for mining and exploration imagery and derived information can be used any multiple stages of the life cycle worldview3 swir bands open up additional opportunities for imagery applications in this industry 4242012. Satellite imagery is vital for early exploration and is typically one of the first data types acquired by anyone working in a new area. Spectral analysis for geological applications youtube. Mineral exploration using satellite images for geological. Andi fadli heriansyah 22115003 hifdzul fikri 12112058 introduction satellite imagery is vital for early exploration and is typically one of the first data types acquired by anyone working in a new area. Assessment of image ratio technique for gold exploration. The greatest advancement in mineral exploration is the ability to synthesize various forms of data. We provide comprehensive geological, geochemical, and geophysical field services to help our clients identify and confirm mineralized targets. Reconnaissance geological mapping and mineral exploration. If experiences in the military area are anything to go by, unmanned aircraft will provide copious amounts of high quality data. How can satellite imagery be used for mineral exploration in thick vegetation areas.

How can satellite imagery be used for mineral exploration in thick. Whether your project is in alaska or arabia, we are experienced in acquiring and processing images that will lower your exploration risk and decrease your project cost. Optical remote sensing is a technology used in the reconnaissance survey stage because of its synoptic view which is advantageous in detecting promising mineralized zones in less time and at a. Satellite remote sensing has been a standard first step for the mineral and petroleum exploration industry. Satellite images for oil exploration satellite imaging corp. Space exploration space exploration satellite telecommunications. Satellite imagery, aerial photography and gps technology have proven to be indispensable tools for mineral exploration projects. Ill begin this fourpart blog by introducing satellite imagery in mineral exploration. Firstly they provide geologists and field crews the location of tracks, roads, fences and inhabited areas. The earths surface comprises minerals diagnostic of weathering, deposition and erosion. Digitalglobe imagery expedites mineral exploration in africa. Satellite imagery ideal for mineral exploration smc could go no further on the survey with the existing capabilities and the project was halted until digitalglobes worldview2 satellite was deployed. Mining and mineral exploration satellite maps, satellite. The results of the project demonstrate that satellite imagery combined with existing geophysical data is a fast, effective and efficient way to support the production and interpretation of geological maps at all scales from lowscale reconnaissance mapping to detailed surveys all of which are relevant for mineral exploration.

Characterization of aster data for mineral exploration. Remote sensing in mineral exploration reprint from seg newsletter, no. Remote sensing applications to mineral exploration remote sensing as a supplement to field lithologic and structural mapping, has played an important role in the study of mineralized areas, since aerial photography became available in early 1950s. However, the use of multispectral satellite images especially, landsat is one of standard procedures during the early stages of mineral exploration, due to its high e. While work has been conducted in mapping remote deposits or types of minerals that are harder to quantify, such as from clays, recent work has also shown that minerals that move around, due to wind erosion, could have also important consequence for the planet. Prindle earth satellite corporation 2150 shattuck avenue cm berkeley, california 94704 o h june 4, 1974 e m type iii final report ooc prepared for goddard space flight center co greenbelt, maryland 20771 reproduced by 0c national technical. The utilization of hyperspectral imaging for inline inspection of raw. Role of remote sensing applications in mineral exploration and sustainable development in oman. Space exploration satellite telecommunications britannica. Accurate satellite imagery is the most costeffective method of oil exploration available to petroleum experts today. M33 statement of environmental objectives and guidelines for mineral exploration activities download. The gravity method is applied to the exploration of various types of deposits the interpretation of the gravity data is subject to ambiguity partly for the nonuniqueness geophysical phenomena a better predictive exploration model.

Satellitederived mineral mapping and monitoring of. A near accurate estimation on the volume of mineral deposits is very important because mineral exploration is a capital intensive operatio. Satellite imagery and gold exploration a costeffective. Integrated use of these data has in the past been carried out qualitatively and visually.

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