Promethean interactive whiteboard tutorials for windows

In this tutorial you learn how to use the epson easy interactive tools, an interactive whiteboard software that will work with any interactive. Watch our activinspire playlist, a collection of short video tutorials on how to complete a variety of functions in activinspire, from creating. Known and loved by educators around the world, activinspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic. Interactive whiteboards, software, audience response.

Promethean plays a major role in redefining classrooms around the globe. Promethean getting started wallingfordswarthmore school. I highly recommend teaching with an interactive whiteboard. With its speed of response perfect for swipe, pinch, zoom, and manipulation gestures so. Interactive whiteboard resources are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning.

Av partsmaster offers a fantastic selection of interactive whiteboards available to buy online. Prometheans free teaching resources and activinspire flipcharts can now be found in the cloudbased classflow marketplace. An interactive whiteboard or lcd is a computer driven device, allowing users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of a projector only for whiteboards and the boards surface. Promethean interactive whiteboard tutorial sophia learning. Openboard, the best interactive whiteboard for schools and. While many teachers are spending hours a day creating their own activities for their interactive whiteboards. Video and online tutorials from the department of instructional. Learn how to use the promethean whiteboard app on your titanium and nickel activpanels. Activinspire is a software that works with promethean interactive whiteboards that can be used to engage students in learning.

Promethean planet free teaching resources for educators. This company produces educational technologies that introduce the crucial element of interactivity in classrooms, where. Training tutorials for promethean and smart boards links verified 7142016 smart boards. This lesson includes over 50 pages of fun for your students. This digital whiteboard provides educators with online resources, classroom tools and. Promethean 500 pro interactive whiteboards procomputing. Openboard is an open source crossplatform interactive whiteboard application. Onescreen touchscreen offers your class an interactive whiteboard, a video and audio solution, and a large screen computer all in one device.

Promethean activ software montgomery county public schools. Promethean boards come with two pens allowing two people to work on the board simultaneously. Promethean activboard touch 88 interactive whiteboard. Promethean is a global leader of integrated interactive technology, providing teachers with the tools which deliver the greatest impact on learning. New seamless and certified access to thousands of apps. This tutorial will show you how to use activeinspire and create an english lesson. The activboard 500 pro system, an essential part of prometheans activclassroom, raises the standard for. Interactive flash resources are likewise provided, as well as various tools for inputting texts and integrating images into the lessons. Developed for teachers in a k8 public school district with. Learn the tools and best practices for using one in your classroom, in this course from author and educator aaron quigley. The promethean whiteboard app allows you to instantly turn your classroom display into a blank interactive canvas. The next generation interactive whiteboard that offers a true collaborative learning experience. Page 62 each interactive pen display lcd panel is produced under very stringent quality standards.

Quality touchscreen built for small work rooms onescreen. Here is the list of best free whiteboard software for windows which. Promethean showcase promethean interactive whiteboards. Promethean activboards enable anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto an interactive. Promethean activboard 78 interactive whiteboard overview and full product specs on cnet. Activ sofware allows teachers to create interactive lessons for the promethean interactive whiteboard. At promethean, the goal is to reimagine and reinvent technology solutions to transform all learning spaces into collaborative and connected environments. We are committed to helping teachers and schools get the best return on their investment by providing uptodate, progressive and varied support materials to help develop skills and capabilities whatever your starting point. Onescreen touchscreenfacilitates your efforts by supporting. Activboard touch interactive whiteboard promethean. Activeinspire is a creative teaching software for interactive. Not only does this interactive whiteboard has an enormous.

Promethean activboard touch interactive whiteboard usb. The activboard touch combines touch capability, a classroomtough magnetic surface and a respect for tight budgets. Anecdotal accounts of how electronic whiteboards have improved teaching and learning. Activinspire teaching software for the interactive. Microsoft windows 2000, microsoft windows 98, microsoft windows millennium edition, microsoft. Promethean interactive whiteboards and flat panels. Selling all the major brands from smart and promethean to sahara and hitachi. I am partial to the promethean product because it is made for education. This lesson is over 50 pages and includes the following plural rules. Interactive whiteboards engage students with vivid images, video and audio. Activinspire is a collaborative lesson delivery software for interactive displays. Activinspire helps teachers bring lessons to life with rich, powerful activities that grab students attention, blending realtime assessment and realworld experience into the learning process.

You can also stay updated by following the promethean. The screen capture tool allows you to easily capture screenshots of. Promethean interactive whiteboards blessed trinity school. Join aaron quigley for an indepth discussion in this video using activinspire as a whiteboard, part of learning promethean activeinspire. Free interactive whiteboard software tutorial youtube. In the classroom, interactive whiteboards are often used because they engage students far better than traditional chalk boards or even the conventional projector and whiteboard combination in the.

Means you can use your desktop screen as a white board. Hamburger functions whiteboard, home button, screenshot and write tool 2m2s. Promethean panel management provides school it administrators with one place to go to manage all activpanel elements series interactive displays within their organizations. If you are using a sanyo projector, a prm10 or prm20 projector, press the menu button on your remote control and use the arrow keys to highlight the relevant vga port computer 1 or computer 2 then press select. She supports teachers to integrate activclassroom technology in their classrooms and serves as the districts promethean trainer. Promethean activboard 78 whiteboard series specs cnet. Follow the team for updated videos and training resources to help with effectively integrating promethean interactive displays for education and activinspire. Production techniques cannot guarantee an absolutely perfect tft display. Openboard is intended for use primarily in schools and universities, and can be used both with interactive whiteboards or in a. Activstudio 3 is a predecessor of activinspire, software that is.

It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction at an affordable price. Promethean activboard ab10t88d interactive whiteboard is a cost effective and efficient solution currently available in the global market. The promethean activboard, an interactive whiteboard, incorporates digital content into ordinary lesson plans. Easily deploy remote overtheair updates, enroll new panels, set permissions, and more. Promethean activboard ab10t88d interactive whiteboard. It can also be moved around the screen, minimized, or docked.

An interactive whiteboard or iwb is a large interactive display that combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, power of a computer and front projection. The activboard touch combines multitouch functionality, dryerase writing, and awardwinning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. Search for the latest promethean planet lessons from your desktop and stay current on all the latest planet offerings including resources, blog posts and news items download and install the planet. In this section you will find a collection of teaching resources for activpanel, elements series, activinspire, and classflow development. Plural nouns flipchart lesson this plural nouns flipchart lesson is jammed packed full of activities for your students. Unlock promethean screen, home screen layout, and basic functions 25s. Promethean activboard 64 interactive whiteboard overview and full product specs on cnet. So these drawings applications are called whiteboard software. Promethean is definitely set up with education in mind. Todays post will take a look at a versatile app that will turn your tablet device into an interactive whiteboard, a presentation tool, a pdf annotation tool, and more.

Using the arrow keys, highlight rgb or rgb analogue then press select. Instructing with smart boards this document is a windows. Promethean activboard 64 interactive whiteboard specs cnet. See more ideas about promethean board, teacher resources and interactive whiteboard. This web site is the home to training modules for prometheans activinspire software, interactive whiteboard, and learner response system.

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